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Parenting & Sport Lockdown Blog Edition 3 (April)

Parenting & Sport: Lockdown Edition 3 
3 weeks in and it looks like we've got a bit more to come?!

From what I can gauge, the decision to extend the lock down looks like being extended for another 3 weeks at least = aaghhhhhhh! Well I guess its not a surprise but it will likely be more difficult than the first 3 weeks that's for sure. Have you got it what it takes to keep going? Can you keep your kids off Fortnite? Can you still be bothered to play spot the difference with Jo Wicks in the morning!? So many questions and so much time! I guess we dont know really know how we will all cope but we must try and take our lead from Captain Tom and soldier on (what an inspiration that guy is!).

This edition of my lock down blog focuses on the issue of staying in control in the next few weeks and how we can maintain our sanity whilst still helping our kids to enjoy their time developing their sports interests.  Hopefully you can find some ideas in here or some support for what will no doubt be a challenging time for the whole country as the money runs out, the boredom increases and the kids smell blood and think they can take over the place. 

Good luck with it all and try to keep the drinking hours under control!

Our sense of humour has really been a great part of the lockdown. This is one of my favourites and I think they should have it outside every Tesco!

Parenting & Sport - Home Training Ideas (Goal Setting)

I am at week 3 of my 4 week running plan with my virtual race on Saturday 25th April. I have to say I am quite enjoying it and think I am really making some progress with my times and how I feel when I run. When I started the challenge I had no one else involved - and it looks like that is still the case (although my sister in law said that she would run with me on the 25th but didn't fancy the training schedule!). Whether other people join in or not, I am looking forward to the 25th as it brings to a close something positive that I have enjoyed doing during the course of quite a challenging few weeks.

The reason I mention my story is that GOAL SETTING in these tricky times is a sure fire way to help you navigate the time and the boredom that might sink in - if it hasn't already. Once my goal has been reached next week, I will be faced with the challenge of finding something to focus on for the next 4 weeks ahead but I am looking forward to it as something to highlight and integrate into the week. 

As a individual you might have already got something similar in place but I would advise doing something similar with your children as well - especially the teenagers who are all keen to stay in bed too much. Firstly, its really good for them to appreciate and understand the power of setting goals - even at a young age. Second, it will bring you all together to share what you are hoping to achieve, and finally, it can have rewards associated to it that can be a great way to have fun at the end of the challenge (prizes and forfeits at the ready!)

Here are my guidelines for goal setting that can help with occupying some of your spare time:
  • Firstly, start by sitting down together to discuss ideas for your challenges. Discuss what you would all like to do and achieve so you can help each other with making it happen and creating your plan. 
  • Commit the goals to a diary or chart and display it somewhere - an old calendar is good but equally you can write it on the board or create a post it note chart with each one of the sessions written on individual notes. The more visual the better (plus it will add an extra task to the process and re-enforce the progress you are making)
  • Make sure your sessions to get to your goal are realistic, varied and fun. No one wants to push too hard at the start so give yourself targets that you can manage at the start and ramp them up over time. Make the last session to get over the line something that will be really rewarding if you can do it. 
  • Break your goal down into sections and try and make each section focus on a theme. For example, a running challenge can have distance (week 1), time (week 2), intensity (week 3) as each of the different weekly subjects before you run your final time and hit your goal. This helps with breaking down the fear factor of what you are trying to achieve and keeps the mind involved in the challenge. 
  • Set a specific time of the day to do the work. Try and commit to these times as part of the planning so that you can get into the routine of what is being asked of you. Make sure you agree this with your team, kids or whoever is doing the challenge with you. 
  • Finally..appoint and accountability partner for your challenge. Someone who can ask you if you have completed your challenges and keep track of how you are doing. Your other half might be perfect to keep track of your progress but why not ask one of the kids to be your accountability manager? They will love checking up on you!
Hopefully these ideas will help you come up with something that can keep you busy for the next 3-4 weeks. If you are stuck then social media is full of people challenging themselves in various ways - from walking, running and cycling, to squats, press ups. yoga and much more. Have fun choosing something and enjoy spending time with the kids making them happen!
Live Love Sport Online is going LIVE next week!!!

If Jo Wicks can do it then I thought I would try and give it a go!

So if you are looking for something to do at home with the kids next Tuesday morning (21st April) at 11am why dont you join me in my back garden for 40 minutes to try some tennis skills, footwork and a few fun games. It will be aimed at kids aged 4-10yrs but it would be great if you can try and have a go with them. You just need a racket and ball each and a sense of fun to take part. 

I'll email you the final details to link in (I dont know whether it will be via Facebook or You Tube yet?!) and hopefully you can join me. 
Ive uploaded a few more videos for the garden and will keep trying to add a bit more content to other playlists so please check into the You Tube Channel when you get a minute or need to find some things to do. I've now downloaded the whole of the LTA's content for their new Tennis@Home series as well so you can try these out as well. 
Running out of ideas? This week's top sports films to download...

1. Tin Cup
 - one for the whole family and with the US Masters sorely missed, this is a good substitute. If you have ever been in a golf competition and got frustrated, you will sympathise with Kevin Costner's character in this movie. 

2. Moneyball - Brad Pitt stars in this baseball movie that explores the idea that stats are the best way to build a team. A friend of mine is CEO at Brentford FC and they have built their team around a similar concept. Great story and performances make this a good watch for the grown ups. 

3. Seabiscuit back to a suggestion for everyone to watch, Seabiscuit is a really heart warming story or a horse that doesnt quite look right and fit in but captures the heart of the nation. Its a really good story with a feel good ending that everyone will enjoy.

Plus one I'm going to try that I haven't watched yet...SENNA. Apparently its showcases how far some people will go to compete and how that addiction dries them to success and ultimately their downfall. Im going to give it a go when everyone else has gone to bed. 

And Finally for this week..
Historically last weekend is usually one of the best sporting days on offer throughout the year. Instead I had to comfort myself with US Masters replays dating back to 1976! I thought I would share with you my favourite shot in the history of the Masters from a certain Tiger Woods - I love the shot, the celebration and I am sure Nike loved the branding too!

I've added some other magic moments in golf on the You Tube Channel if you have 15 minutes to spare and fancy wallowing in some of golf's amazing dramas (look out for Seve's celebration at the Open in particular - legendary)
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Thanks for reading and stay safe!
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