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Covid-19 Updated Information

Covid-19 / Updated Information from Live Love Sport

With the schools now closing, we are moving into a new phase of dealing with the COVID-19 disease. Up until now, the Live Love Sport operations have been largely unaffected. We unfortunately have had to put back our launch of the Dream Team Soccer School, but the tennis classes in Wimbledon Park have been carrying on largely due to the outside nature of the classes and the fact that we run our coaching in very small groups on the most part.

However, it now seems that things are likely to escalate in order to suppress the outbreak of Covid-19. As a result, the LTA have issued guidelines that encourage tennis operators to adhere to some specific actions in order to stop the spread of the virus. These include the following:

  • Stopping of group based tennis coaching programmes
  • Use of limited equipment during classes (balls, cones, lines)
  • Careful hygiene protocols before the start and finish of each class
  • Adherence to social distancing regulations 
  • No contact during the class (shaking of hands etc)
  • Any borrowed equipment is thoroughly cleaned before subsequent use
  • Only outdoor tennis classes should be operated

As a result, Live Love Sport is running its last group based classes this Saturday 20th March. All our classes this Saturday will follow the above guidelines so please bear in mind the manner in which the class is being run. Please also make sure that your children wash their hands thoroughly before attending the class and when they return home afterwards. 

New Services from Monday 23rd March...

Given that our children need fresh air and exercise, we are keen to carry on our services for as long as we can. We are a small business and operate a team of self employed workers. Whilst we can hope that the government will act to help sports coaches and businesses like Live Love Sport, we hope that you be able to support us and many businesses like us during these times. 

We will be taking each day as it comes, but our plan for next week is to offer coaching as one of 3 options that players can book into:

  • Individual lessons 
  • Shared lessons 
  • Family lessons 

It is hoped that we can control these environments correctly whilst also keeping our players learning and enjoying their time on court. If you are interested in taking up the option of one of these lessons, please email and we can endeavour to arrange a suitable time with your regular coach next week and hopefully beyond. 

Adjusted Summer Term Bookings 2020...

We are very grateful for those of you who have already paid and committed to tennis classes for next term. Given the accelerating nature of the crisis, it is becoming clear that we might have to compromise the start of the summer term coaching programme. 

However, we must remain positive and confident that we will get back to tennis in a relatively short space of time. Given the circumstances, we are still going ahead and booking players into classes for next term but are asking parents to only pay 50% of the term fee. 

Re-adjusted invoices for this process will be sent in due course from Monday 23rd March. This payment will act as a deposit and is equivalent to 6 weeks coaching. Should we start back nearer to the start of the term, then we can arrange for any extra payments to be paid in due course to cover the additional coaching classes. If the amount of tennis played next term is less than the 50% fee, then refunds or credits will be issued for all players concerned. 

We hope that this action will allow us to keep the continuity of the programme that we have worked hard to build up over the last 2 years, as well as giving the business a chance to stay afloat in the coming months. 

Final Thoughts...

During the course of the school lock down, I am sure there are going to be challenges for all parents to find things to keep their children occupied. I will aim to try and post regularly in the Instagram pages, Twitter and Facebook pages with either links of great fitness ideas, games, or skills to try during the next month. Please follow us if you haven't already and see what ideas or links we can send you. 

Finally, please stay safe and adhere to the government guidelines to help support the NHS. I started the LLS Community with the idea of bonding parents on the touchlines whilst we cheer on our children in tennis, football, netball, swimming, rugby and many more sports besides. Sport is being taken away from us in a way none of us could envision and it will be a monumental challenge to see if both we and it can cope. Please try to support your local clubs, coaches and organisations where you can. We might not be able to cheer much right now but we need to protect our favourite sports if we want to cheer at some point in the future. 


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