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Booking Terms & Conditions 

Please read carefully through the terms and conditions relating to the management and operations of the Live Love Sport coaching services. If you have any questions before signing up to a class, please contact us directly at


  • Live Love Sport Ltd is a provider of sports coaching at chosen venues around SW London. In signing up to a Live Love Sport coaching course, parents are accepting of the quality and professionalism associated with the coaching programme, content of classes and delivery of the programme as designed by Steve Cockell (owner & director of Live Love Sport) or other 3rd party operators used in the delivery of a specific coaching programme under the Live Love Sport banner.
  • The classes operated by Live Love Sport are largely outdoor classes and as such may be affected by adverse weather that prevents a suitable environment for any coaching to be held. In such cases, classes will be cancelled and replacement classes will be put in place (please see timetables for full term dates). Live Love Sport reserves the right to cancel classes at short notice due to the weather but will make every effort to properly communicate with parents about potential cancellations.
  • Classes for all Live Love Sport coaching courses will be delivered in low ratios with a maximum of 1:8 players per coach (tennis) and 1:12 (football). Performance classes and higher development classes have a maximum ratio of 1:4 or 1:6 players per coach.
  • No refunds will be issued due to adverse weather conditions, illness or injury, however, in exceptional circumstances decisions to offer refunds are made totally at the discretion of Live Love Sport and on a individual case by case basis
  • In relation to a term of lessons, players can leave the Live Love Sport programme part way through term but no refund will be provided unless a suitable replacement can be found. 
  • The fee for the term or holiday camp is payable in advance and this all-inclusive fee covers all charges.
  • Live Love Sport runs an invite only policy for all of its current tennis programme operations. Bearing this in mind, players accepting these invites do so with the intention of participating under the Live Love Sport code of play. These are: a respect for fellow players and coaches; a desire to improve and work hard in each session; an awareness of their surroundings and other users of their chosen facility. 
  • Further to point 8, Live Love Sport reserves the right to ask players to leave the programme or holiday camp due to consistent failures to uphold the code of play. In such circumstances, parents will not receive any refunds for payments made against classes and players will not be allowed to participate in any future Live Love Sport coaching activities. 

LLS Membership T&Cs 

  • All memberships are valid from the time of joining for 365 days (12 months) 
  • Memberships cannot be cancelled unless by written request and under particular circumstances such as family relocation, serious injury preventing play or other medical conditions. Please email in writing with any changes in circumstances and our team will review the circumstances
  • Membership packs and contents are subject to change and availability. For example, particular items of merchandise might be subject to suitable replacements based on any stock issues. Live Love Sport reserves the right to change membership contents at any point in the year. 
  • Memberships cannot be refunded once the initial 365 period has been agreed on (except in circumstances listed in these T&Cs)
  • Access to membership rates will be via all LLS classes in specific timetables, competitions and events. All fees and charges are subject to continuous reviews and may change during the course of the membership period. 
  • All merchandise purchased as part of the membership scheme cannot be refunded or returned once used. Items can be changed according to size if necessary upon request to Live Love Sport