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About Live Love Sport 

Live Love Sport Ltd was founded in November 2018 and is a privately owned local business that specialises in offering sports coaching services in SW London. Founded by Steve Cockell and his wife Angela, the company is owned in partnership between the couple and prides itself on being a family run, family orientated business. 

The company was built originally to offer tennis coaching services in SW London and launched its first program at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton alongside a community tennis programme in Wimbledon Park. The emphasis at the start of the business was to offer specialist coaching to a wide audience of players from beginners to performance level players and including both adults and juniors.

In 2020, the company has exapnded its services to offer its coaching expertise to a new range of sports. In partnership with Rosslyn Park FC, Live Love Sport launched the Dream Team Coaching Services on site at Rosslyn Park and now offer a range of coaching camps during the school holidays. 


Steve Cockell (Founder & Director of Coaching)

Steve Cockell is the founder and director of coaching for Live Love Sport overseeing the running of the business both from inside the court, on the pitch or behind the scenes. A regular entrepreneur in the sports industry, Steve has overseen numerous business start ups over the last 18 years as well as professional career in tennis coaching stretching to almost 25 years and including prestigious roles at clubs such as the AELTC, The Roehampton Club and the National Tennis Centre.

Steve's ambition for Live Love Sport is to help players experience enjoyment and improvement through the clear coaching methods that are delivered throughout the year. With an aim of delivering lessons to over 10,000 players, Steve hopes that Live Love Sport can become a trusted, widely recognised sports coaching brand in SW London. 


Live Love Sport Philosophy - PLAY. IMPROVE. ENJOY

When Live Love Sport was founded in 2018, one of the first building blocks that was exciting to put into place, was a clear set of values that both players and coaches would all aim to keep in mind when participating in our programme. 

The Live Love Sport Values Were:

  1. We must all have a goal to work towards
  2. We must aim to build friendships and show respect in our work or practice 
  3. We must try and show dedication and commitment to regular practice and self-development 
  4. We should take care of the smallest things regularly to access the biggest gains 
  5. We must be grateful and enjoy what we are doing

After 3 years of operating history, Live Love Sport has now introduced a brand new coaching slogan that sums up these values and is the bedrock of our coaching philosophy moving forwards:


We feel that this sums up exactly what we are trying to achieve every time we step on court, meet as professional coaches or organise events. Players can come to us with one of these ideas in mind or it can be a journey of all 3 ideas. We hope you will ultimately enjoy your time on court with us in the future!